Has Raj Thackeray raised a larger issue, unintentionally?

The issue raised by Raj Thackeray is not about loudspeakers or noise pollution but much bigger, which of course, no politician would ever raise and which he too, did not. The issue not raised by Raj Thackeray is the bigger issue of non-compliance with guidelines, issued by the Hon. Supreme Court in various matters over the years where legislation is non-existent. 

Forget about ensuring that the guidelines laid down by the Apex Court are followed in letter and spirit, in contrast, the executive leaves no stone unturned to see that they are not followed. Guidelines of very critical significance laid in the Lalita Kumari judgement for setting the criminal law in motion, installation of CCTV cameras in all corners of police stations to avoid any police excesses, the guidelines issued by the Hon. Bombay High Court for avoiding administrative delay by the bureaucracy and illegal hoardings are a few, noteworthy ones. 

The issue that Mr. Raj Thackeray would never raise is the issue that who should be held accountable for not following the Supreme Court guidelines in such critical matters involving the violation of fundamental rights? and if these guidelines are not followed and if the citizens are at the receiving end, then who is responsible for the abrogation of the rule of law? The answer which we all know should make us all restless, yes, the fact is the government, itself is seen ensuring, non-compliance of these guidelines. Isn’t it scary and concerning? Yes, it is, and is a paradox if we call ourselves, a functional democracy.

The laws settled by the Supreme Court, ‘customarily’ ignored by the executive is nothing but lawlessness and are nothing but signs of transformation of this great nation into a banana republic. Can we hope that tall leaders like Raj Thackeray who are used to raising so very relevant issues will also raise the issue of why State Governments are overlooking these Supreme Court guidelines and ruthlessly seizing from the citizen’s, their fundamental, civil and legal rights? Is there any hope, is the big question?

For a beginning, let’s eagerly await the day when Mr. Raj Thackeray’s men, compel every Police station in the State to maintain functional CCTV cameras.

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